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    She's a hot shot flying soldier with amnesia who's just trying to figure out who she really is (a hot shot flying soldier without amnesia) - it's Honest Trailers for Captain Marvel!

    Watch the Honest Trailers Commentary w/ the writers!
    Link - https://youtu.be/rAA0NGmXeGY

    Honest Trailers | Captain Marvel

    Title Design by Robert Holtby
    Epic Voice Guy: Jon Bailey
    Produced by Spencer Gilbert, Dan Murrell, Joe Starr, & Max Dionne
    Written by Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell, Danielle Radford & Lon Harris
    Edited by Kevin Williamsen

    from more oh so Stanley cameos it's not fair you're gonna make me cry we haven't even started yet Marvel is taking it back to the first a venture no not that one this Avenger before are the new ones like an man well not that a man before Black Panther at least well after two chocolate was Black Panther but before T'Challa right look I don't know it's it's the 90s okay chief she's the nineties one Captain Marvel journey to Halle and meet Captain Marvel a girl with the power of spaceship she's a snarky flying soldier with amnesia on a quest to recover her true identity a snarky flying soldier without amnesia just don't tell her how to feel into motion isn't a single dangerous war warrior and emotion you struggle with your emotions do not let your emotions override your judgment and you keep your emotions in check long enough to take me on because this hot rod pilot likes to keep it in neutral we'll get to the bottom of this fears together okay you okay mmm-hmm dreams again Carroll calm down you're getting too emotional okay bring the kree's not alone like every Marvel hero she needs someone to smirk add like jaan raghav o matic yoda maria rambo her marvel issued black friend Annette Bening in a dual role as a sign as we don't really get to know and a computer we don't really understand the dog from the thing in cat form and stealing the show a facially D aged Nick Fury an effect that will completely fool the eye until you notice him run fight or use a keyboard Oh grandpa's in the computer building superhero teams again you've waited years for Marvel to introduce the scrawls thrill with the possibility that they'll be the next big bad after Thanos because they could be anyone from Captain America to cute cuddly family mom wait the scrolls are nice how do you not make ben mendelsohn evil then Mendelson is always evil we are so not getting Secret Invasion are you ready for a plot buster it won't take AltaVista to find one because Captain Marvel is a street fighter too and she's onto your Game Boy so back off trolls and go back to the mall rats her powers don't need to be nerve because she's not melancholy about rocking the boat in the bush Leonard Cohen holy schnikeys these 90s references are his forces the movies Nine Inch Nails radioshack all right I'm done so get ready for a film that's disappointing if it's the meet and an infinity war sandwich a solid watch if it's up against the other Marvel origin stories and Citizen Kane Kane compared to female and superhero movies not named Wonder Woman look out boys at this rate lady heroes will take over at the theater never starring the captain is Miss Marvel Nick furry scroll and clones law in orbit as Kree you Blue Man true the Garfield your aunt still has stuck in her car windshield Maria Rambo cut Skynet Benning equi Rhea at NIOSH who paid DLC and the screenwriter of what lies beneath just a fun fact I know instead of my daughter's birthday where burn harm last time I trusted someone I lost an eye I'm trusting you not to eat me what's better than an honest game trailer - honest game trailers thanks to e3 we're blasting you in the face with a double barrel of honesty click one of them now or my mom will cancel my xbox lies put the bunny back in the box Khwaja ties me captain
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