India vs New Zealand - Match Highlights | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

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    Watch full highlights of the India vs New Zealand at Old Trafford Cricket Ground, Game 46 of the 2019 Cricket World Cup.

    The home of all the highlights from the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2019.
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    bitch and gone gone gone the best move made by Henry Nichols and the best stroke played in the mash so far that's a terrific shot he just sits back as it it still manages to find a way to get it down there he'll pick up Thor as well Hardwick of this field the danger the wicked let miracles yeah they need a lot more of that there open fields in that part of the ground and that'll bring her for boundary to keen Williamson thirty-ninth one day international 54 the new zealand captain cane williamson there comes the sweep and finally who gets the gap as well gets a for top edge when it falls safely it does it goes before this log suite comes out he finds the gap there's no one out there picks up before that is crucial cane Williamson done that's for now who's that beneath it should be caught always point comes to bit of your life it's going third man had moved fine and that's a good shot Riley's connected there in the turn physics as flatter sixes Humanzee 50 comes up for Estella Fila there he's got a for now he's got the edge the match will be delayed until tomorrow the Sun is out today in Manchester yesterday's gloom has been erased there's a fifth - I think all directed directed thank you I have made my decision an outstanding piece it's wrong now the few dogs in many completely catch penis coming underneath it should be taken another wicket goes down new zealand head out to try and defend 239 yes said as the stock is in a more looking for it is the big fetch as well that's close very close indeed gone yeah looked good that'll be the first boundary super super super shot he's a good good player youngish apart of the chart just have a look at him it gon get better accuracy patience and in the end man simply couldn't resist why that's up in the air Williamson underneath it it's not easy but he takes it that's gone after it is there anything he's not going to do today nicely played has he got enough timing on this one he has the connecting he has well this has been smack down on the ground lovely shot from Jadeja the future danger day fifty today she goes and he goes well again sex more he is some Sun straight up straight up Williamson again now they got a push for Tim who's gonna cover to keep their stats thanks Kevin I've made my decision it says that magic three-letter word Ferguson direction he tries he can't do it as a little touches there it takes the catch pyrotechnics go off performers from New Zealand to defeat and torn about water time
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