Surprising Best Friend with a New Tesla!

Danny Duncan
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    I met Danny actually on Facebook Chris messaged me this long thing about how he's you know goes to college for like human movement performers that type of we were kind of doing similar things and I thought we could do like a science collab or like exercise collab or somethin and I a message Emily yeah that's so collab we met up and then we ended up not like doing any of that we just ended up around and making YouTube content I was doing YouTube videos at the time writing Chris was making a little bit of money on YouTube and I was like dude videos were sick like this that would be cool to do so before I met him I was trying to do the YouTube thing as well like just a little bit I remember having like five cents in my Adsense barely moving like timer twenty-eight cents so yeah I went out to LA I'm stayed at this kid Osakis house for like two months he just let me stay there for free nice dudes man you don't mean nice people like that often actually was for months yeah for months is d let me stay for free so yeah I met Chris at Lafayette skate park one day he would do like stuff for shoutouts and stuff like I was like I'll give you a shout-out if you do a backflip off this trick and you would do it like this crazy like that it's pretty funny and he was like really motivated at the time and that's what I really stuck out to me and made me want to like hang out with them and do stuff with them because like I was also really motivated and at that time I didn't really have like that friend to like bounce off of like energy and motivation and wanting to like film videos he's like dude I want to make it I want to like work my ass off want to do this I'm like dude me too like let's do this and like we had that like like that drive together to like want to make it he was always also out here like struggling because he just moved here from Florida pretty much broke all the time he was having to stay at multiple people's houses just couch their thing and he stayed at my like parents house you know for as long as I could convince my parents to let me stay over and like other friends houses basically my four months with Jose like came during in and I still want to be out here so I went back to Florida I did landscaping a lot to make money I'd come back to LA couch surf using Miami landscaping for food and everything that I needed and I kind of did that for a little bit but it sucked I wanted to stay out here full-time and I just didn't ever wanted to like overstay my welcome I mean there's times where I'd have to like sleep on the train and then like until the train stops running and then hop on like the buses or wait until the bus to start running and then hop on the and sleep on the bus so like that sucks I I really didn't want to do that so I really wanted a car and remember him saying like and if I just had like a car I'd be able to stay out here for like you know a little bit longer and he's just like you know I just he was like right there his channels like starting to like do really well and he's just like right there and like I already knew he was gonna do well already I have my YouTube money just stacking up and it was at like 1,500 bucks and I hadn't even like got the money yet I was just letting it build I was trying to buy a used car and Chris knew that I knew if I had a car I could like keep my clothes in there I could sleep in it if I needed to if I slept in I could just drive to a gym and shower it'd be very easy I is it's not that difficult if you have a vehicle to be like homeless per se but uh so I really wanted a car so I could stay in LA full time I mean it gets really shitty when you have no money like I remember when I first came here I had like thirty dollars literally in a plastic bag with just some cash and like that's it no bank account like I had a bank combo is like negative hundred bucks so I mean there's times when it gets lonely to like you have your family back home but it gets pretty shitty so I like how Chris he's like my best friend but I remember on my birthday so I was like four years ago and you just don't celebrate your birthday really cuz you have no money and there's no one really you just hang out like mean the Chris were just around but it was my birthday we pulled up to his house and then I remember he just gives me a card and I open it stuff and then it was like that's probably a used car and it was like oh I remember giving him the voucher and then we went to my local Bank of America and pulled out three thousand dollars in cash yeah I was just stoked I was just stoked for you to like just be out here it was like I had people that like believed in me like my mom and like my family and like they can only do so much but it was like when you watch those movies and like the people the person like finally gets a big break it felt like that like I opened up that card it was like a car and I was like holy he lived in that car I think and sometimes and stayed at people's houses and I think the car eventually broke down but it was a used 2002 Honda Civic I knew I could like finally do it you know I was like there's like nothing that could stop me at this point because I could like you know I had a place to pull my stuff stay here full-time I was like I have a car I can sleep me on my knee to like I knew I got that point for sure like I was good so but it's just cool you know I was like it was like my birthday like I didn't expect anything I expect a birthday present all a card nothing so yeah as amazing we pull up I get this card open it there's a car I'm like holy I'm set you know it's only a three thousand dollar car but like getting that meant more to me than like anything getting a house getting that like used car was like the best feeling like better feeling the buying a house or buying an i8 or buying a tesslar buying three Tesla's it's like that three thousand five car it was like the best thing at the time and even now it's like I haven't felt that way in a long time like a movie were just sitting in this driveway hugging each other and I'm crying and then we go upstairs and this is all dark and then his dad like turns on the light and lights a cake they surprised me with a birthday cake so that was like insane yes it's really special because like I had you know Chris and his dad and his mom and like they're all like really supportive of me like family yeah definitely credited a lot of my success to Chris and his family it's just really cool to see like how far you've come and how crazy this whole journey has been super proud of you date honestly I would FaceTime him pretty often and he'd be back in Florida like doing the landscaping like literally like cutting down big-ass plants with with the machete he'd be like do you like I hate doing this appreciate the struggle I have it because like it's not gonna be like that forever I wanted to do it on my birthday cuz four years ago to get me a car all right Oh one of the first guys to believe me man Oh what I love this card either wait are you look crazy right four years ago I smashed not believe this car so stick thank you brother I can't believe it I can't accept this though I was too much I want his car so bad it's insane when did you do all this well I got talking and roofer about a while about it I was like we need to get this Tesla and then I just had them I was like yo order that so we can just get it delivered it LA ASAP so we did in Florida we told him to meet us here to play VR today that's what the plan was but really it's just I didn't even care about V all right he was like you scheduled it for six hours yeah I didn't schedule is this the color you would have got alright I wasn't sure I didn't know who's white or black or gray red yeah but I was like your current car is gray so we'll go with Dre just like a dead body my car is just like Ryan it's funny cuz right now it's literally like about I think it's about to like dive yeah you only driver okay you just bought me this car right now we got six point nine in this bitch get the out imagine telling people to get the out here while you sit with your seventeen dude or make my video more epic I remember driving to work out Walgreens with headphones in my ears iPod shuffle we just got a day that's all was like yo you still down tonight and that's why I was trying to e to share your location with me in case I could just roll up we actually use my code to buy this yeah oh and you asked me you're like do you have to pay for the charging and I was like yeah and it's like Oh II know now I don't because I got a thousand free miles for this one oh but I didn't know and then I was like I didn't even want to say I've been trying to plan it you know when can I get him a Tesla and we went to the Tesla dealership at one of the malls one day and man these guys are sick and he was like yeah I really want one and the next day I got mine and then I started driving out like dude this car really is the best I was like yeah I really need to get Kristin one of these like ASAP so we just picked it up and then brought him there to the mall to meet us and then yeah I was just really excited because I've been wanted to do it for a long time it's just a car was more than meaning behind it all I guess cuz he can buy his own car but it's just cool to like he got me a car and then now I got him once I'm sick that I made it he knew I was gonna make any man I'd like to talk about getting a Tesla all the time and how much I want it and I'm just like putting about put enough written off and I just like that's that's like my dream car that's so expensive as car I can't believe that you got...
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