Joe Rogan on the Disneyland Fight Video

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    Taken from JRE #1322 w/Reggie Watts:


    the Joe Rogan experience soft fight at Disneyland on Instagram the other day the Jews were going out on Disneyland some got punched a check to see Google Finland two people were filming that these people were throwing down in front of their kids at Disneyland Oh terrible technique - everybody's terrible terrible I love that the the equally disappointing aspect of it well it's terrible it's the most disappointing it's like guys if you're gonna fight learning technique yeah I mean it's like someone's stealing the stage and playing bad guitar you'd be angry with yes sir see what I'm saying yeah I get it no I'm in complete agreement I think that that is kind of equally important because hey man if people are filming yeah people like a consensual fight you look like you're trying to pretend you know how to fight yeah and that the worst is the pulling off of the shirt I don't even know how that even becomes like an instinct it's actually a good move well it's to keep you slippery right so you can like well you want yeah you don't want anybody choking you to death with your own jacket oh that's true yeah that's true well okay but I mean I guess in the videos that I've seen it's been mostly about like hey check out jack bro yeah yeah and here did I kind of like this dude got choked out but I couldn't quite tell what was going on here cuz he went down quick cuz that security anyone hasn't been out for a second so he's pulling that girl's hair see oh yeah oh she dropped him his head banged off the ground to that ball dude choked the shit out he's like well I just killed a guy I better get out of here I think but you know every joke no charges were pressed because no one wanted to say what the fight was about hilarya was that so it was a guy that was holding a girl's hair at the end yeah I said he got spit on and then he went crazy Wow I don't know if that was the whole thing and then funny that's all it takes a little bit of water a little bit of yeah it's funny if I got all the things that make people go crazy spit in someone's face is like wow war here yeah I mean it's it is pretty not a prude biological weapon back in the day if you had some way smallpox is a shit yeah how dare you potentially infect me
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