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    okay so it's the summer of 2019 and I thought I would do a video that talked about the tech I'm using right now as well as like the reasons why I'm using some of it talk about maybe how I set up some of it but the reason why I started to do this video was I've made a relatively big change in the I guess ecosystem that I'm in so you can tell by the title I have switched off of Apple's iPhones I've been someone who's used Apple's iPhones for for a really long time as my primary phone and this is the first time I can confidently say that I am pretty much Apple free in my life so this phone I switched over to is the 1 plus 7 pro the reason why I switched to this one in particular was the screen the 90 Hertz screen is just super smooth the animations look so silky and so nice but the reason why I even switched over to this phone to begin with was my wife broke her iPhone she had like a iPhone 7 or something and she just took my just straight-up took my iPhone 10 and I went to the store to buy a 10 R as a replacement because that's more reasonably price I just thought that that would be the phone to try but using that screen I'm shocked as to how bad that screen looks when you have access to phones like this like the 90 Hertz OLED compared to a 60 Hertz IPS panel that's just lower res is no comparison the difference in hardware quality again when you spent seven hundred bucks on an Apple iPhone versus seven hundred bucks on a one plus phone it's just way too big to ignore right now like this was just an easy choice for me to switch over the other thing is that as a tech reviewer one of the things that makes it like one of the things that makes a good review for us is when you're trying to actively replace a device that you already own like if you have a laptop let's say I do a lot of laptop review so every laptop that comes out that I think hey maybe that'll be the device that I replace my current one with that review is gonna be a great review because I look at it critically and I look at it through the eyes of someone who actually wants to replace an existing device those reviews tend to be really good and when it comes to phones I found that because my primary phone in the past has always been an iPhone it's difficult to look at Android phone in that same type of eagerness right like a new Android phone comes out it's cool it's like let's review but then you think this isn't gonna replace my primary phone this will replace my backup Android phone but when your main phone is an Android phone every phone that gets launched or every Android phone that gets launched is a potential upgrade for your existing device now it's not all rainbows and unicorns here there's a lot of stuff that I do miss from iOS if I'm being honest I miss iMessage I missed the integration that iPhones have with each other like with other family members but over the past month I've just gotten used to eat you've got to force yourself to not have and out right you just force yourself to use Android get used to it and eventually you just learn to love it and there's so many things I disliked about the iPhones particularly like the number one thing for me is the Lightning port it is crazy to me that they're still milking this port it's slow to transfer data it's expensive its proprietary the cables that you use on this thing break easily like there's so many things that are bad about this port but it makes Apple a lot of money now you can't blame them for this like if you were a company that could get away with it like if you were Apple and you were able to pull in millions of dollars over here using this port and forcing your users you use this port you would probably just keep using it because it's I mean it's really profitable so and the other thing that kills me is that the 2019 phone like I'm totally going off tangent here but the fact that this year's like the new upcoming 2019 iPhone is rumored to still use this port is just bonkers like that is an aggressively underwhelming phone like it's a three old design still running lightning ports like come on dude I'm someone that likes iOS but not that much not enough to purchase something like that in 2019 okay so the phone I switched over to is the oneplus 7 pro it's a little big of my hands and doesn't have wireless charging but I love the design aesthetic and I was sold the moment I switched over to this icon pack I forget the name of it I look it up oh no it was flight the icon pack is called flight and just the design aesthetic looks so good when you have a thin bezel no knotch and a clean minimal design like this it's banger now I will say that this icon pack has a like a brother or sister to it called lines and it does not look good it looked good in the Play Store I bought it installed it but removing it right away because it just doesn't look as good on a big screen phone now speaking of which Android this is another tangent Android I didn't realize this before if you buy an app and then you delete it right away you automatically get a refund on the Google Play Store how cool is that okay the phone is this like yeah laptop I'm using right now is the blade from 2018 the razor blade 15 if you've watched my channel over the years you've probably noticed that I've transitioned out of MacBooks back into Windows devices I started my youtube channel on Mac books I transitioned a lot of my family and friends into Mac books but nowadays like yeah it just doesn't make sense for a lot of people to be purchasing Mac's back when I first started using Apple computers it was like 2008 when they first introduced the unibody MacBook it was such an easy device to get into especially because all the Windows laptops back then were just trash like they were just so bad and nowadays in 2019 it's just really not the case there's a lot of really good Windows laptop options and I think a vast majority of them are really good value for what you're getting especially in comparison to the MacBook and MacBook Pro lineup now on the flip side it does seem that Apple's in kind of like a transitionary period they are probably going to be introducing some ARM based laptops in the relatively near future and we're also hearing rumors of like new keyboards like getting rid of the butterfly switches to more traditional kind of scissor switches so there's cool stuff on the horizon with apples harder but right now because of like there's so many issues with the current MacBook Pros and Mac books that yeah this was an easy easy decision to make so this one's the 2018 one it's not running RTX hardware I made a video earlier this year telling people not to buy r-tx laptops at launch because they weren't a particularly good value and we weren't seeing a lot of games actually making use of ray-tracing hardware so it just didn't make sense back then to purchase it six months later I still kind of feel that way like we've seen some pretty good valley with some r-tx laptops like we've seen some good options or even $1200 but for the average user out there if you can find a 10 series device that's just on sale or a lot cheaper and there are some out there then yeah these just they're still really good if I'm still using this right I find that the games that I play and videos that edit there's not much of difference between ten series devices from two years ago and the RTX devices from today so yeah RTX is it's cool it's just not really necessary I don't customized my razor blade very much I keep it very stock in fact I don't even install razors like synapse software on these things I just try to keep it as clean as possible the one thing I have changed in terms my setup is the mouse I've been using the mouse I used to use and I think a lot of people on YouTube views are the Logitech MX master 2s and the MX anywhere I believe this is called these are great mice and I've used these a lot over the years but the most I'm using most right now is actually a gaming mouse I mean it's designed for gaming but it's awesome for just everyday mousing it's the Logitech G pro this is a wireless mouse but instead of using bluetooth that uses a dongle which is a disadvantage for some people but the sensor on this thing is so good it just makes other Bluetooth mice just pale in comparison it's such a it's a very smooth experience if you have not tried this mouse and you're looking for a wireless mouse for your laptop I cannot recommend this thing enough and the battery life on it is also pretty solid and the sensor or the dongle fits into the mouse when you're done with it okay that basically wraps up the stuff that I've been using if there's questions I'll answer them below last thing the bag that I'm using you've seen this before it's the apex Lawson from Herschel a good bag I don't know if they still make this particular colorway but it's kind of a minimal simple backpack that is not super techy which I'm not a big fan of okay hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs be loved it subs if you'd love to see you guys next time
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