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    Zach gets a tattoo on his scalp to help make his hair look fuller and the transformation is insane! Tune in for Part 2 of Zach's Hair Journey this Saturday, 7/13 @ 8am PT where Zach will undergo FULL hair restoration surgery.

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    - Have you ever done a little hidden picture? - I haven't. - I'm not suggesting you draw a dick on my head, but you could and it would look like hair. - I mean, you just put that idea in my head, so, you know. (upbeat music) - Today, I'm changing the thing I hate most about myself. Today, I am, how do I start this video? (laughs) I'm losing my hair. Yeah. It's taken me a long time to accept that I'm losing my hair, and then after that, to figure out what do I wanna do about it? If doing something about it is somehow admitting weakness or defeat. I kind of first realized that my hair was thinning and receding four years ago. Maybe five. Unsurprisingly, it coincided with when I started being in videos. Seeing myself on camera more, and more, and more, and I started going, wait a second. That's not what I look like, right? Wait, is that what I look like? Over the last couple years, once I realized that it was going, I tried a lot of things. I tried creams, I tried supplements, I tried different haircuts. - Let's start with the hair, skin, nail vitamins. Let's do the minoxidil. - I had first had this swell of enthusiasm. I'm like, I'm gonna take this head-on, I'm gonna figure out how to style my hair, I'm gonna fix this, I'm gonna save it, and over time I found that even my best efforts weren't enough to hide it. So then I tried being like, you know what, screw it. I don't care, I don't care. I'm not gonna let this affect me. And that was even worse. (laughs) Turns out not giving a shit about how you look means that you're going to look like you don't give a shit. Maggie doesn't care about it, my friends don't care about it, the world is like, yeah, you're losing your hair, so what? But it's something that I care about. Every single day, I think about it multiple times a day, and it just is so distracting, it's so destructive, and it's painful. It's all I can think about sometimes. I just can't stand it anymore. So I've decided that it's time to do something about it. (energetic music) - This is Barber Surgeons Guild. I like to define it as a medical men's grooming lounge where we specialize in high-end haircuts, straight razor hot towel shaves, and then we have a full-on medical speakeasy where we do hair restoration. - Hair treatments, hair regeneration therapy, and then various laser services as well. - Medical speakeasy? So this is like an underground. - Well, when you walk in, it looks just like barber shop. - Men just didn't feel comfortable going to a hair loss center. There's nothing cool about it. It's always like admitting defeat if you go somewhere like that. We want to create this concept that is just somewhere that men want to be. - You mentioned restoration surgery pretty early on, and I was like, no. - So when I was looking at Barber Surgeons Guild, because of the robotic technology that they had, that's when I knew that that would put his hair concerns at rest, because your concern was surgery, and your other concern was scarring. - A lot of people, they just don't know all the things that are out there. See those plugs, you know, no one does that anymore. There are these amazing new services and treatments. - We're hoping that someone could help make some content about it, and educate the world. - All righty, so here we go. I'm gonna do a follicle analysis. - Follicle analysis? - Yeah, we're gonna take a microscopic image of your follicles to determine the stage in which they're essentially dying. Or shrinking. - (laughs) Oh fuck. (laughing) - So what areas kinda bother you the most? - (sighs) The two thing that bother me are just the thinness of the scalp and then the receding in the front. It just is not the shape that I want it to be more. It's gone back. It's like the ocean is taken the sand back with it. - So let's start here in the front like you were mentioning. Oh, beautiful, so hit capture there. So hit capture, capture. - Ooh, that looks thick, look at all that hair. - Here, this is what we would call the donor hair. Just for comparison. - Oh, oh wow, that's so much hair. - There is hair in different stages. So you have some thicker, kinda healthier hair, so you see the thickness and the diameter of these hairs, right? And then you look at around the hair. So this one's a little thinner, for example. - Yeah. And then there are these little wispies. - These little fine, wisped, even thinner. So you have hair that is kinda, for lack of a better word, dying in differing stages. So you're getting thinner, and thinner, and thinner, and thinner. - Hair loss, what happens is the hairs become miniaturized. The hairs start as thick hairs, and then they become thinner, and thinner, and thinner, finer, miniaturized hairs. - As the hair is miniaturizing, that's when you can still do something about it and bring it back. Once it's gone, it's gone. - Yes. - Right. - About a month ago, I started on finasteride, which is supposed to take the really thin hairs and make them thick and lively again. I actually, I think I have more hairs that I thought I did. I thought they were all gone. They're there, they're just thin and dying. Over these videos, I'm gonna be doing a round of two procedures. First, I'm gonna be doing what they call a camouflage, where they're basically gonna tattoo my scalp in between my hair, and that's gonna make it so that it doesn't look so thin, so that when you look down at my hair you go, oh, that's some thick hair. - And then we'll be doing robotic hair restoration for the hairline to create more density and fullness up front. All this area where you can sorta see scalp through here kinda in the mid-scalp through the crown, we're gonna pigment this, and this is just gonna immediately you won't see anything back here. - So I always thought that I needed restoration in the middle, but the hairs are there, we just need to bring 'em back. - We need to bring 'em back, make them healthier, throw a little bit of that scalp camo in there, call it a day. It's gonna look perfect. (energetic music) (Zach exhales) - So we are getting ready to do the first procedure. This is kind of surreal and weird feeling. I've been so in video production mode that I kinda forgot that this is a real medical procedure we're doing. Oh man. - Come on in, how's it going, man? - Good. - You ready? - Yeah. - Let's do this. (Zach sighs) - Get you comfortable in this chair. - Okay, oh, oh it's like I'm going to sleep on a fancy airplane. So you're gonna be numbing my head? - Yes, I'm gonna be numbing your head. Which we don't always do for this, but... - I told them off camera that I'm a little bitch and that I would like the numbing, please. This is-- - This is medical grade laughing gas. - Laughing gas. Nitrous oxide. We call it the Hookah because that's what everyone calls it. - Cheers. - Take five or six deep breaths, so all the way in, deep breath, fill your lungs up and exhale back into the tube. (trippy music) - Yeah. - There you go, you feel a little bit? - Oh, fuck. - So it doesn't-- - Oh, wow. - Hold on to that feeling. - Oh my god, whoa, that one really got me. (laughing) Oh my god. - The sound of buzzing. - Oh, I feel that it kinda painful but it's not really that painful because the laughing. Whoa. I haven't been this high this early since college. (laughing) I definitely felt a little bliss. Am I nuts, or my voice sound crazy? Whoa. I'm not crazy, right? This looks like R.O.B. from Super Smash Bros. Oh, now I can feel that it's numb. Have you ever gotten a procedure on your gums? That numb feeling, you're like, oh, I'm aware of the presence of numbness. It feels like you're wearing a hat or something, like a helmet. - Yeah. Do you remember basically the first thing I ever said to you? - You came in and then you showed me a picture of yourself in college, and you said, "I have hair, "I just don't know what happened to it." And then you showed me that picture, and then I said, "Oh, this is when you were losing hair." - Yeah, that blew my mind. I'm like, "Look how robust my hair was," and he was like, "No, it had -- - Look how high your hair was. - Already started - When you notice hair thinning, when you can start seeing between the hairs, that means you've already lost 50% of those hairs. So when we're talking about male-pattern hair loss, it's called androgenetic alopecia. - As I understand it, it's you have so much testosterone that it blocks the hair from growing. - You're basically more manly than other men. - Okay, that's what I thought. - And your hair just can't handle it. - I can feel you pulling my head, but I can't feel anything on my head. - That's a good thing. - I'm just gonna pretend I'm wearing a hat. - If you've had the nitrous there, even though you don't feel anything, you can play with it as much as you want. Pretend like you're back in college. - All right, Rodney. (laughs) - We're doing little bit of skin dye, so it's sort of similar to a tattoo but not quite because it's very surface level. - It's like when girls get microblading in their eyebrows. It's not permanent, but it fills it in. Same idea. - It'll give you the appearance of more hair without having to use some more of your donor hair. (needle buzzes) - Oh that doesn't hurt at all. It kinda just feels like a bumblebee is trying to give me kisses. - A bumblebee. - Yeah, 'cause of the buzzing. My hair is thin and if it's brushed the wrong way, you can see the scalp. - The camouflage is something that will just get rid of that shine anywhere throughout here if the...
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