Twins Go in a WOMB SIMULATOR together!!

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    We relived our first bonding experience of all time...


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    what's something I could say to like start to saw maybe you can scoot over get your Gator thigh off my give me a little personal space Grayson bliss video is not really about personal space even Oh see what I did there no you see what I did there I set you up for that you didn't it's like good good purpose because I'm a fucking genius all right guys we're back well hide sneeze can you can you wait can you get your shit together trying what what's that okay we're back and this week we're taking it way back so bad is it good back to the good old days that we don't remember shit about where those even days do you can count them as days I don't know back to the zero days we've been alive yet are you considered alive at that point we have so many questions anyway guys we're going back to the womb that's right mom get ready we're hopping back in poor mom guys something about us when we were in the womb we were fucking huge normally twins are like four and five pounds I was eight and a half pounds and Ethan was seven and a half we were 16 pounds and my mom's telling me for like nine months he's always been a little thicker than me we really went oh let me get that let me get this to be epic today's the day after 19 and a half years we're going back into the womb where it all started we were identical so this means that there was only one of us at first and I'm all put into two it makes me have even more question there was there was a grief in and then it became Ethan and Grayson yes who the fuck was Griffin was it one of us or was it a weird combined version oh my god that's weirdest guys it was a Griffin and then it split like I just said that okay yeah but yeah that um that would make no sense we're gonna have answers to all these questions today before we go in the room we have to figure out what it was really like in the room and more specifically what our situation as Ethan and Grayson was like in the moon as twins yeah we're twins racin yeah I know okay as twins obviously though we should include that so we're going to up sisters race again and guy get on a cop obstetrician/gynecologist is that what it calls its called as coles is this was this call I don't know if you can tell every now an obstetrician/gynecologist have him say what he is we're going to a doctor who specializes in women reproductive health and childbirth he is licensed to deliver babies and and look at them inside of women's tummies and just make sure they're healthy make sure that you know they come out right and take some out of people and puts them on earth we're assuming that he's seen a countless number of twins inside of the stomach before inside of the same womb and that is what we're going to ask him we are on a quest to go back into the womb and really feel and see what it was like because we don't remember what it was like we want to know how our bond began maybe will bring us closer today maybe that's why we're so close because we shared a womb together that's definitely one doctor's gonna tell us about all of these things and then we were going to enter some sort of womb simulator chamber that have to survive in a womb for a little bit together I wonder if it's gonna be like slimy and hot one of its like a like a bag or it's like a big hamster ball how much room we would have what position were we in are we gonna eat I definitely stole all of your food cuz I'm like I'm like that much heavier than me I think you were like my little bitch I think I was just generous no I think you were my life we have a lot of questions for the doctor as you can tell all right let's go let's do it all right we're at the Medical Center without a head in and find out what it's like to be a slimy twin in a womb something I've always wondered honestly all right here we go hello dr. Oh Grayson Grayson you can let's meet you great to meet you guys all right so dr. OTT thank you so much for being here and offering to give us some insight on what it's like to be inside of the womb it's great to be with you what exactly is the name of your profession I I kind of couldn't really pronounce it I think you mispronounced that yes sure sure so my specialty is obstetrics and gynecology so a huge part of what I do is taking care of who are expecting babies and quite often twins so you see twins in bellies and also on their way out of bellies absolutely we kind of want to know what it's like to be in a belly again so this is this is perfect fantastic you seem like the guy to talk to I'm the one to talk to okay and I'm happy to be a part of I take it that you know a lot about twins and wieners and stuff yes I do sweet how many twins would you say you've delivered it's not a situation where I keep a checkmark list of the number twins been a large number through the years I've been doing obstetrics since 1996 when I started training well so we've been at this for quite a number of years okay so a lot of twins a lot of twins okay so the the main goal for us is to kind of figure out what it's like to be in a womb together so we can take it back 19 and a half years and relive that experience but realistically awesome so we're here to get some information from you on what has to go into a room simulator chamber I've always been bigger than Ethan and I was wondering if the reason that he is much screw-on here than I am now is because I stole most of his food in the womb but how does that work out of twins eat because I came out a pound heavier was I just the superior twin in the womb majority of the time the weights are pretty much within a range of you know five to 220 percent difference so because he was a pound heavier it doesn't mean that he was the dominant one so there's nothing holy there's nothing to do the reason why I'm like superior now does that mean that he ate some more food while he was in there like more than I did maybe it was just generous honestly I think that might be more to the point I was generous I think I was then I was the nicer one to go yeah what happened I'll note that you won't share anything now Ethan shares more food and is nicer so I have a question I'm the older one I came out first about 20 minutes before Grayson do you think that I was ready to come out first because perhaps I was tired of spending so much time with it could be could be you're older a little bit more mature oh yes definitely the case I wouldn't say maturity has anything to do with it I mean he is older but maybe I just figured he needed to grow up on his own a little bit is there any like specific reason why it's wind's coming out first or was it just like there and look at the drum of the coin majority of the time the the first baby is head down that was me that was right now fantastic it was upside down so he made it a little bit more complicated for my mom but yeah you know again I'm more generous so I made it very easy that's it so you started the theme very early okay so you think more mature why is he taking notes growing up and kind of still to this day Ethan and I have our our arguments and we have fought a lot do you think we fought in the womb ever I mean seeing you guys I wouldn't be surprised that there was a little bit of fighting going on it's okay so we can fight in the booth okay when we're creating this chamber we don't really know what's gonna be in it exactly so in the womb how much fluid is there the amount of fluid is dependent on how far along in the pregnancy you are obviously very early in the pregnancy the live is you get into like the third trimester in the amount of fluid that's probably around 800 CCS or about half of a 2-liter bottle so the fluid gradually increases over the time of the practice okay so fluid gradually increases it's good to know how much of room would we have in the boom yeah look is it is it the size of a good giant hamster ball or is it more like a because it's a good inside of a being best it depends on how far along in the pregnancy you are because very early on the proportion of baby to fluid is much different from at the end so at the very early part you know the babies were tiny the amount of fluid is pretty great so there's a lot of room for babies to kind of get some momentum and and at the end of the pregnancy I mean here you've curled up you know knees in the chest yeah so it's just not that much room laughs so there gets to be less and less room as the pregnancy goes on okay so more and more fluid less and less room so the fluid in there is kind of like blood like kind of red no Oh clear fluid because you know that amniotic fluid is just baby pee like oh this oh I didn't know that yeah yeah which we didn't know that's I don't think I should pee in it no and is it slippery or is he kind of just more like water-based you're so warm clear fluid it's actually pee it's warm - okay taking notes - baby see when they're in the room but could we see each other back then it's probably unlikely or seen inside theaters do you think if we had like dark sunglasses on it would kind of replicate that a little bit a really dark side okay dark some babies do up in their eyes yeah and you're opening your eyes around 28 weeks and when we do ultrasounds and we look at you know at the baby's face we look at eyes you can see the baby's lens kind of moving around so babies are still there trying to take in all of these sensory inputs and and develop all these neural pathways in their brain Ethan and I have like a really close bond and we kind of like we're inseparable I feel like we're closest to human beings on this planet I almost kind of do feel it could be b...
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