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    How far down will we dig this hole before someone gives up and stops digging?? Whoever stops digging first has to bury their iPhone at the very bottom, and the last to stop digging wins.

    We built Ranged Survival Weapons for Trick Shots:






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    guys Jeffrey just hit a rock with the pickaxe and look at his leg it like Santa's short out my leg it was this rock right here I just had a shard out of it right out my leg bro this is danger what is up guys today we're gonna be digging a hole and the last person to stop digging went so Chris Robert and I will be digging the first person to stop digging at the end of the day that's to bury their front at the very bottom and cover completely the person who stays long is going to win a trip to additionally in for two so there is incentive to win this challenge so once we start digging if you stop digging for more than 30 seconds you're out so let's get digging 12 seconds later okay this dirts really hard alright guys just in case we have this in case we come across you know some hard layered dirt or rocks all right three two one big third digging this is gonna suck review for powers the dirt the top layer is like really hard you just gotta play that we can get under that there so we're gonna break it's so weak I'm tired already dude Chris I was like no wonder ins grace I'm really upset no I have to do this all day Robert with you strategy you know I'm just kind of pacing myself out you know Chris is digging really fast don't know why dude I want this hold it dig to China eventually it's gonna get there you know and also you guys remember oh geez we'll remember the movie holes that's kind I feel like right now oh yeah Wow am I getting excited over a big chunk of dirt you know these challenges always start out really fun but probably in a couple of hours we probably won't be having fun anymore guys little update the whole circle has been dug out about six inches yeah it's been like 20 minutes well actually making some good progress yeah this hole is gonna be huge but the dirt is not getting any less rocky I think it's getting harder as we go down deeper it's so compact the years of just sitting sitting I don't want to do this bro this is your idea maybe you're fired I'm gonna take advantage of the rules in every 29 seconds dig one no you can't do that well I can't Jeff that's beauty huh dude it's hard the rules no I'm digging bro that was one okay 29 seconds later I'll get one more I would be lame like that if I dunno what this whole to be super huge yeah if we can get this hole to be pretty deep it'll be the Libby liddie liddie mix squiddy I brought this nice jug of water oh dude water bro I didn't think of that 14 15 16 5/7 Jake's 87 19 20 should we at 21 2000 bro you 23 you still eat for bro that's not even helping this whole you dissing him why can I do it I want to warn you I have a pickup it's just that I got hot I'm just sweating like crazy bro don't waste the water do you think you're gonna winch every what's out far we've dug barely made a dent this is a dead anyways we figured that uh we could use another pickaxe so far the closest person to reach 30 he was Jeff I'm tired and tired Jeffrey got some little Bliss's we came up with some pretty cool digging songs though 99 dirt in the hole Kristin Jeff leave the hole Chris and Jeff leaves Robert wins and he doesn't have to bury spawn anymore - great song right there I hate that song I like that song a lot I'm contemplating stopping I'm not I'm not saying anything yet it's only been an hour and 20 minutes bro my son came out I can't keep going but I just don't feel like it no you're at the point where you just like Jeff listen to me what there's no reason free you need to stay here there's no reason no reason do you really want to dig out your phone because what if Rob and I keep digging and we dig down to China then you have to dig all the way there by yourself just the dirt is just gonna follow the way through and come up and go back down do science you guys are getting close three times I definitely don't want to lose I'm not quitting hey Rob I'm not quitting first wants me to give up and then he's gonna give up and here's a big various bone and then the car doesn't care about the tickets busy do we need it big owl yeah it's like clay Chris do you pick this spot you pick dude I'm not going you pick in my backyard and bring the grass this is clay will your stuff it's what clay dude oh oh oh we could get a tractor broke well there's no good a tractor let's get a tractor nothing to stop tractor with their help okay yeah let's change the challenge real quick no yes you have a stain you have to dig I'm trying to weigh the consequence like how miserable what I do without my phone for the next few days like on your phone give me like cameras let me let me a five-minute think about this guys Jeffrey just hit a rock with the pickaxe and look at his leg it like Santa's short out my leg it was this rock right here I just sent a shard out of it right out my leg bro this is Dean gee I don't know technically speaking if we were going by the title I've won already why you guys aren't digging yes I am your pickaxe II I'm the one that's actually digging up a shovel is a tool for digging a pickaxe is a tool for did you do wreck rock there's a big rock hiding in the dark damp something there I'm Danzig I'm done dig Jeff's done dig bro I said to wait 30 seconds without digging and I'm done keep digging let me let me go over let me go like destiny nine four five six seven you're quitting you're gonna be a quitter seven twenty eight twenty nine thirty just wow yes I don't want to dig this hole no mole that's it he do welding well this is actually working really well hey Chris now that Jeff's gone we just have to dig a deep hole right yeah so instead of making this whole thing steep while we just make this center part easy oh it's so just dig it a tiny hole yeah now that I'll have to worry about my phone being put in this one anymore kind of a have a second wind here we do now it's crisper aside for the Disneyland tickets well I'm digging it deeper so then my phone is at the bottomless pit yeah you guys do I leave and this is what they do that's how you get bro doctor you dog I'm happy I'm not digging that hole no ball then kind of deep it is not even four feet I'm John howdy wait wait you gonna have to take a dog here anymore he gave up all right well I win the Disneyland tickets so we got a Barry Jeffrey's phone in here he went to the store cuz we made him gon do work so when he gets back we're gonna bury his phone and he's gonna cry Jeff is back but now his phone is going in the hole don't draw up a that was in part of a department it wasn't drop it into a death trap it was bury it I just bury it go ahead Jeff fun you might say this by myself yeah pretty much all right it's buried no you're not getting off this I love you bro yep this whole thing has to be filled back up you know so I'm finished took me 40 minutes click it it's covered nice covered can't believe y'all both made me do this by myself well that was the punishment also if you want to see me uncover my phone or buy a new and I'm probably gonna cover it because a new iPhones like 1000 bucks these days you guys could show false on the dangerous Instagram boom go follow us you also see pictures of Chris at Disneyland since he won the tickets so we hope you enjoy this video click here for the previous video click here for the view to recommend the most obscure I bite someone's triggered
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